The Barnes Family


How did you discover Studio and Sage Montessori?

We discovered Sage Montessori by the Grace of God. We began looking for programs when Millie was 2 months old - so late for San Francisco! We learned that Sage Montessori, the current home daycare program, was opening in our building in Mission Bay. We were sold as soon as we met Zoe and experienced the beautiful peaceful school environment. We could not (and still can't) believe such a passionate soul would be helping us raise our child!

How has the Montessori approach to education impacted your family life?

The Montessori approach has helped us build a deep and peaceful relationship within our family. It has helped us learn how to communicate with, listen to our little one, while also showing and exhibiting authority. It has also helped us value the importance of making our home and space welcoming to a small, but fast growing person. 

What do you love most about Sage Montessori?

We love the peace of mind that comes from knowing the people and environment taking care of our child are as passionate about her development as we are, and have the training to help us get there. The school often pushes us when it's time to help Millie get to a next stage, from starting potty training when she was only 18 months, mental exercises, language and comprehension, diet and more. The school really thinks about and promotes well being for the whole child and family.

What made you decide to commit to joining Studio Montessori?

Committing to Studio Montessori was a no brainer. The development we've seen in Millie continues to amaze us, and the future plans are incredible. We couldn't think of a better place for our family's schooling and childcare.

How do you feel Montessori has supported your child’s development?

We continue to be amazed by Millie's focus and follow through, and her welcoming demeanor toward other children. We see her finishing her tasks to completion, from puzzles, to helping with laundry, to bathroom independence, to returning her plate and pushing in her chair at meal time. And when interacting with other children, she's welcoming, generous and peaceful. Not to mention her French comprehension! She's very clearly building both academic skills and skills for life.

Can you tell us a bit more about your family?

We thought we’d be in the Bay Area for three years and we’ve now been here for nine. Nic is a first generation American who's family moved to the USA from Jamaica, and Lindsey is originally from Houston, Texas. We’ve spent the past few years in tech marketing, live in Mission Bay, and are deeply committed to building a life in San Francisco for our family.

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