Meet Studio Montessori Founder, Zoe Paul


Many of us have met our founder, Zoe Paul, and have heard a bit about her experience and what has drawn her and Studio Montessori to our community. In this blog post, we go a bit deeper. We’re very proud of and appreciative to Zoe for bringing her experience, love and dedication to our children and families!

Zoe Paul is a Montessori educator, parent coach, and educational entrepreneur based in San Francisco. Zoe moved to the Bay Area in 2015 with the goal of opening a preschool when she was struck by the fact that such an international, diverse, and vibrant community lacked sufficient childcare. She founded Sage Montessori, a home program, in 2017 from where she really began to understand the needs and goals of families within the community. Both the inventiveness, diversity of and need for childcare within the San Francisco community inspired her to more firmly plant roots here in the city, and to create the modern Montessori environment she’s always dreamed of offering.

Zoe received her Association Montessori Internationale Diploma from the Montessori Institute of San Diego for children 0-6 and is fluent in French and conversant in Arabic and Italian. Fun fact: Zoe was voted the most likely to have “the most Montessori-Montessori school” among her classmates! Zoe began her Montessori teaching career in Morocco where she was part of the founding team at the first Montessori school in the country. Later she moved to Russia where she helped design and found 2 Montessori schools which are still operating successfully today, and was a lead infant guide at LePort Montessori here in San Francisco. Zoe is also the founder of a non-profit organization called SAMEAA whose mission is to bring the Montessori method to children in post-conflict zones throughout the world.

Prior to becoming a Montessori educator, Zoe worked as a satellite communications technician for the US Army Signal Corps. After the Army, Zoe continued to work in the digital satellite communications space as a contractor for the State Department as well as premier telecom companies such as Lucent-Alcatel and Verizon. At each of these companies she worked as a project manager or project lead responsible for large teams and budgets in excess of $10million. After working in war torn regions around the world, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in Montessori education to help shape humanity from the very beginning. Zoe completed her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University and her master’s in education at the University of San Diego.

Overall, Zoe’s experience leading and founding schools, managing complex telecom projects, and her community-based approach to school building have helped bring Studio Montessori to life here in our wonderful city of San Francisco.

Zoe Paul