Greg, Maria & Solomon

Tell us about yourself and your family.

Febrary at Studio Montessori - Greg Maria and Solomon.jpg

We are a family of 3: Greg, Maria and Solomon. We’ve lived in the Bay Area for the past 10 years and recently relocated to Denver. We both work in tech, and met through the tech community in New York City. We love to travel -- Solomon especially loves the airport, airplanes and packing his own suitcase.  We’re looking forward to a multi-generational home in Denver with Maria’s parents joining us.

How did you discover Sage Montessori?

We somehow missed the memo that we were supposed to get on a waitlist for a daycare / preschool before you’re pregnant in San Francisco. So for the first two years of his life, Solomon was at home with his beloved nanny, while we researched the perfect school. We were intrigued by the Montessori method, so we especially researched local Montessori preschools. We asked around, asked parenting groups and friends -- and Sage was on our short list. Even though there were not spots immediately available, we put in an application and were planning to go there once the spot opened up.

How has the Montessori approach to education impacted your family life?

Montessori has been a great deterrent against helicoptering.  Our little Solomon has proven to be an inquisitive, caring young boy.  His ability to take on challenges on his own has given us the confidence to let him sort his way through things more than trying to help him do any and everything.  He’s been interested and engaged in many different activities we likely would have been scared to let him try!

We are so pleased with the independence that Montessori inspires in children. When we go out with our friends, Solomon is usually one of the best behaved children. He is content to create his own fun, play with whatever is available and let his imagination run wild. At home, he is happy, content and organized. He loves to read, make art, play with trains and trucks and cook imaginary food. The Montessori method teaches life skills, and our little Solomon loves to help and join whatever we are doing -- laundry, shoveling the driveway, etc.

What do you love most about Sage Montessori?

There are too many things to love about Sage.  First, the teachers and guides are all amazing, loving caregivers and truly care about our children.  Second, the children and their parents are an extension of our own families. Maybe we all just got lucky, but we’ve got this amazing, diverse group of parents and kids.  

What made you decide to choose a Montessori school in your new city, Denver?

Because of the incredible impact it had on Solomon’s development, we loved the Montessori approach and didn’t even consider any other option when we moved here. Though we miss our family at Sage, we’re already happy to see him able to drop into a new environment, unfazed, and pick up with the skills and development he had imprinted on him during his time at Sage. Today was his first day in his new school, and his teacher is already impressed with how well he is adjusting and how much he loves to work. Montessori has been life changing!

How do you feel Montessori has supported your child’s development?

The best way to understand Solomon’s development is in comparison to his friends not in Montessori.  We see exploration, dialogue, curiosity, and mission constantly when Solomon plays, either alone or with others.  Montessori empowers our kids to do more, think more, and question more. We’re glad he’ll have those tools for his whole life.

Zoe Paul