Andy, Janet, Dexter and Parker


Tell us about yourself and your family.

Hi there, we are Andy, Janet, Dexter (3 years old), and Parker (10 months old). We've been living in SOMA/Mission Bay for 8 years now. Andy works in tech and Janet works in healthcare. Dexter has been at Sage since he was 16 months old. We love living in the city because there is always something to do or a yummy treat to eat.

How did you discover Sage Montessori?

We came across Zoe’s Nextdoor event for a Montessori playgroup. We attended to learn more about the Montessori method and we are impressed with her knowledge and skills.

How has the Montessori approach to education impacted your family life?

Sage Montessori and Zoe don’t just start at drop-off and end at pick-up. We’re always learning as parents, and it helps to have a Montessori perspective in your tool belt. One important lesson we’re still learning is realizing the goal is not to tame your child, but watch them blossom in a nurturing environment. It’s quite the opposite of what many of us may be used to.

What do you love most about Sage Montessori?

Zoe and the friends we have made. Zoe has been crucial in advising and giving us the tools to raise Montessori children. It’s been fun and enlightening getting to know other parents and their adventures with raising kids — all through a Montessori lens.

What made you decide to commit to joining Studio Montessori?

Ultimately, witnessing Dexter thrive at Sage Montessori was enough for us to commit. While we love that Sage Montessori is close knit, we're excited to see Dexter continue to blossom with the greater resources that Studio Montessori will provide.

How do you feel Montessori has supported your child’s development?

Dexter is happy, confident, inquisitive, plays well with other kids (as much as you can reasonably expect from a 3 year old), empathetic, and can focus when needed. As parents, we’ll take some credit, but we can’t deny the large part Montessori has played.

Zoe Paul