About Studio Montessori

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A perfect learning community.

Our school community is designed to help your child realize just how capable he or she is to navigate the world around them. Children are guided to treat the environment as if it were their home. They are free to choose activities that build their independence, increase their social agency, and nourish their innate desire to learn, love, and collaborate.

The result is that no two days at Studio Montessori are alike. One day we might decide to make an elaborate breakfast for lunch where every child partakes in the food prep. Other days, we could spend the majority of our time reading, singing, and dancing. Some days will be spent at the nearby Redwood Grove; while others are spent refining key skills such as dressing and undressing, setting the table, or math and language acquisition.

As our community is small, children at the earliest age have the opportunity to acquire key social skills in collaboration, turn-taking, team building and conflict resolution. This leads to children forming exceptionally close loving friendships with their school peers. School becomes a joy for them and their guides.

All this is possible because of our deep commitment to the Montessori Method which stresses the importance of approaching children as whole beings worthy of dignity and respect. Our goal is to provide them the key experiences needed to live the life that is inside of them.

At Studio Montessori we place a premium on community - for the children, parents and staff. We recognize that we are all united in the purpose of providing the best conditions possible for each child to reach their best individual development. Frequent communication and opportunities to participate at school are key. In our environment you will constantly be reminded that we, the children, teachers, and other parents, are here to support you.